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30ml metered dose sterile saline nasal irrigation pump spray

100% natural, gentle, isotonic, preservative free, pH neutral and contains no steroids.

  • Sterinase® gently delivers a light mist/cloud of isotonic sterile saline solution into the nasal cavity.
  • Sterinase® is 100% natural, gentle, isotonic, preservative-free, pH neutral and contains no steroids.
  • Sterinase® is a pump spray which can also be actuated through 360º.
  • Sterinase® remains sterile from first use to the end of pack life ( the product has a 36 month shelf-life).
  • Use for daily nasal hygiene and to ease blocked noses, especially on infants aged 3 months and above and young children. It is aircraft cabin friendly.
  • Sterinase® can flush and irrigate the nasal cavities, clear seasonal allergies and clear chronic nasal conditions due to air conditioning and/or air travel.
  • Sterinase® can help prevent/treat rhinitis and sinusitis.
  • Sterinase® can be used by pregnant women and children and adults of all ages and alongside other medications to increase efficacy.

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